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Here are just a few images of our work. Click or Tap on any image to see it in a larger size (if on a mobile device, you may want to rotate your device to "Landscape" mode for a better view).


Some images of our workspace. Note that in most cases, we will take our measurements, custom fabricate the panels in our shop, and come back to install them in as quick a time as possible!

In very specific circumstances we may be required to do some of the fabrication on-site. We do all cutting and shaping outside, keeping the mess and noise to a minimum. We typically complete a job in a few hours during closed or non-peak hours:

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We make no claims as to the actual safety of preventing any type of infection. Our product is intended to help your customers feel more at ease during times of infectious diseases such as the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as regular Influenza season and other such times. Make sure to speak with your local, County and State health officials to determine if such barriers will allow your business to operate at higher capacity, allowing you to forego the 6-foot rule.

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