Social Distancing Barriers

We specialize in custom measuring, cutting, bending and installing Crystal-Clear Lexan® Barriers. Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and other places of business allow their customers to feel more safe, as well as being able to open at full capacity*.

We operate in the Northwest Indiana area, servicing Lake, Porter, Newton and Jasper counties.

Brief samples of our work: (Click for More)

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Protect your staff and make your customers immediately feel safer with our custom-fit barriers! Let your customers know the minute they walk in the door that you care about their safety!

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Our barriers don't have to look intimidating or "medical" - your staff can have fun decorating them for any occasion!

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You can even separate parties at your bar, allowing you to pack people in the Bar area without the need for the 6-foot rule!

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Booths are our specialty! Any size or arrangement, our barriers are custom built for your specific needs!

Before & After Pics:

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Note that in the first image, you can hardly tell anything is there. In the second, you can see reflections from the sunlight. Generally, the barriers are practically invisible.

Click / Tap Here for a few more Gallery photos. You will see many other examples to give you an idea of what we can do for your Restaurant or other business!.

If you want to keep your booths open*, you need our InvisiBarrier custom-cut, crystal-clear barriers! We will work on your schedule, either overnight during closing hours, or (if a 24-hour establishment) during non-peak hours. Whatever it takes to accomodate your business needs.

If you call someone else, or try to do it yourself or let your staff handle it, you may end up looking like some of These Examples!

Call Justin at (219) 308-1832 to schedule an on-site estimate, or email for more information about our company.

It's not just Right Now

Social Distancing is not going away anytime soon. The current COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way people think, even after this particular threat eventually becomes erraticated.

Customers will always feel safer knowing that barriers are there to protect from even common cold and flu season, plus you will be prepared, in advance, for the next big outbreak.

How to Clean Lexan®

Already have our InvisiBarrier system? Click Here for information from one of our suppliers on how to properly clean Lexan® material to minimize scratches, blemishes, and keep your InvisiBarrier system Crystal Clear!

We make no claims as to the actual safety of preventing any type of infection. Our product is intended to help your customers feel more at ease during times of infectious diseases such as the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as regular Influenza season and other such times. Make sure to speak with your local, County and State health officials to determine if such barriers will allow your business to operate at higher capacity, allowing you to forego the 6-foot rule.

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